2018 has been great. Some of this year’s highlights have been:

• Co-hosting an incredibly successful Food Drive for Veterans in need of food during the summer

• The birth of my great nephew

• Meeting many new amazing people that became clients turned friends

• Hosting not one but TWO awesome client appreciation parties

• Being able to spend time with my 93-year old (Oma) grandmother

• Got to see Hamilton!

• Many trips to the beach with the greatest of friends

• Making new friends

• Enjoyed another great year in business doing what I love to do

• I was able to teach new construction classes, something I enjoy doing!

• Got healthier and started working out

In the spirit of sincerity, it’s also been a pretty emotional year. My one (beautiful rainbow baby) daughter is now a senior in high school and the realization that she is going away to college next year, well, it’s hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Next year I will – be – an – empty-nester. (Insert emotional sigh here)

As I write this out, I realize the GOOD resoundingly outweighs the bad.

Mostly, it’s because of you.

And, I will need YOUR HELP next year in July to reach a new goal of doubling what we achieved with the Veteran Food Drive this year. I won’t be able to
do that without you.

As for my daughter going off to college – I will be both THRILLED and
incredibly sad, however, together we will get through this.

Thank you. Thank you – for another incredible year!

I can’t wait to see what the universe has planned for us to accomplish in 2019.