Real Estate is still a sound investment! There are many tax and wealth-building benefits that result from buying a vacation or second home for additional income.

Why is now THE BEST TIME to buy an investment property in the Triangle?
1) Housing costs for 2019 are expected to level out meaning prices are not going to continue to rise as quickly as they did in the past couple of years. 
2) The housing market is going to go back to normal and normal is good! The market couldn’t continue to perform as it was.
3) Real estate is STILL one of the best ways to build wealth.
4) The Triangle continues to grow at a record pace attracting companies and educated professionals from all over the country.

INTERESTING FACT: The median income in Wake County is almost $80,000!


Do you want to move to the beach? We are expanding! Are you wondering what that means for Kris? Kris is still going to live and work here in the Triangle although she may travel more often to the beach. We’re expanding our Raleigh real estate team to best help our clients with their real estate needs from the Capital to the Coast.

Why buy at the beach now? (Keep in mind this market is very different from Wake County) 
1) Interest rates and housing pricing are going to continue to go up (although not as quickly as they were). 
2) Coastal property is still affordable and the Winter months are a great time to buy and get your property on the market for the busy up and coming Summer season.
3) Nearby colleges begin to advertise rentals for incoming students during the Winter months.


As always we can’t grow without you! The heartbeat of our business is YOU and your referrals! We will take GREAT care of your family and friends. If you’d like to dive deeper into the real estate investment discussion, call me today, and we’ll schedule a time to meet.