Feeling ‘meh‘ lately?


Longing for open-window-weather and long summer days (is that just us)? Are you jumping on the “Tidying Up” craze/trend forcing everyone in your home into a cleaning frenzy? I’ve been on that bandwagon! I’ve been cleaning out, throwing out and spreading JOY (glitter) all over the place!

If you ask me March is the PERFECT time to clean out. Why? Because when the weather turns for good the last you’re going to want to do is stay inside and – um’ clean.

So. In channeling Marie Kondo (which BTW is a reincarnated version of several lesser-known shows such as Clean Sweep, Clean House, Hoarders or Mission Organization) here are our suggestions for getting a head start on this much-dreaded task that feels AHHHH-mazing once we’re done.


Our suggested approach:

MAKE THE MESS. You’ve gotta get messy and make the piles. You know; keep, save and donate.

• (This one is from MK) Does the item make you smile? Does it bring back a happy memory? Might need to keep that one.

Start small. If you try to tackle everything at once, you’ll likely become overwhelmed and abandon the project as quickly as you thought about addressing it. Break it down into small tasks, schedule small pockets of time throughout the week to slowly chip away at this.

• If you haven’t worn it in over a year, pass it on.

• Think about hosting a clothing & goods bestie swap party!

DONATE. DONATE. DONATE. There are many incredible organizations around town beyond GoodWill that desperately need your gently used items.

Some organizations to consider donating your items to:
• Corral Riding for teenage items
• Layers of Dignity
• The Veterans of America (They offer free pick-up)
• Your local church


Speaking of Veterans… We’re once again hosting our Annual Summer Food Drive for Veterans in Need. In case you didn’t know, the statistics of hungry veterans are alarming! Join us as we aim to fill even more trucks this year — more information coming on this event in the early summer.