Ahhh… late Summer. ☀️

Some of us feel ready for a new season by now; others never want Summer to end. One thing is for sure – it feels like our time for flip-flops, fireflies, slower mornings and long, lazy evenings are quickly slipping away.

I’m gearing up to take my only child off to college next week. I know life is always changing, but this is one significant life change I can’t seem to wrap my head around!
Did you know my daughter is the reason I started my career in general brokerage?

I wanted to have more flexibility in my schedule to be with her. Now that I will have more time for myself, I’m anticipating some of the positive things that will emerge from this new chapter such as added time for my passion – helping families with their real estate goals. I will also devote more time to my expansion plans to service the Wilmington & Topsail area. I am sure this project will come with its challenges – it’ll keep me busy, no doubt! I will also have more time for my husband, family, friends, and me.

As an empty nester, I realize the need to start thinking about living differently. Is that something you would like to hear more about from us? Drop us a line! Let us know if you are interested in hearing about right-sizing your life.

The only wisdom I have to share is; hug your kids a little more often because the journey goes WAY faster than you think. Here’s to a productive Fall season friends.
Thank you for keeping up with me!